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Increased energy and focus
Burn fat
Smooth skin

Each bottle of M-Caps contains 60 capsules. Take 2 capsules everyday with or without food. Our organic matcha is from the revered region of Uji in Japan. M-Caps are made in New Zealand.

What are M-Caps?

Matcha in a capsule, or encapsulated match. That's it. Completely natural, organic matcha sourced from the Uji region in Japan - which is where the best matcha comes from.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is powdered green tea that is grown and harvested in a way that increases and amplifies the benefits of green tea. Matcha powder is made by grounding whole tea leaves. Since you are consuming the whole leaf, rather than steeping it like a normal cup of tea. As a result, you can get 10 times the benefits from matcha that you would from green tea. Matcha contains caffiene, a high concentration of L-theanine, is packed full of antioxidants and chlorophyll.


The natural caffeine that occurs in matcha fuels up to 6 hours of mellow, sustained energy. The most important part is that it is natural, and because you are a consuming a complete food created by nature, you can be sure that it is perfectly formulated to be consumed daily.


Sometimes we need more than just energy, we need productive brain power.  Packed with a high concentration of L-theanine — which regulates caffeine uptake — matcha delivers a smooth buzz that won’t leave you jittery so you can get more done. 


High in antioxidants, matcha can fight free radicals and improve skin complexion. Matcha is revered for it's anti-ageing effects on skin, which can take the form of reducing wrinkles and smoother, brighter skin.

Weight Loss

Matcha contains a powerful catechin called EGCG which has been found to increase metabolism and the body's ability to burn calories throughout the day.

Why do M-Caps exist?

Some people love the taste of matcha. We #cantrelate to those people. Without the willpower to force ourselves to drink matcha tea everyday, the easiest way for us to consume matcha daily was to not taste it... so we encapsulated it.


Take 2 capsules daily. M-Caps can be taken with or without food. The best time to take matcha is whenever you need it. We take ours first thing in the morning, before breakfast.

Store in a cool, dry place - like a fridge, or the top drawer of your desk.

Who is it for?

Matcha is for anyone with a pulse. Seriously. If you are living and breathing, then taking M-Caps everyday is one of the best things you could possibly do for your body, and your life.


Taking M-Caps in the morning or around lunch can boost your brain power. You won't feel a jolt of energy, in the same way you won't experience a crash after several hours. The most common effect is that you are able to work away without distractions, and conentrate more intently for extended periods. No need to scroll through social media every 20 minutes.


If you have kids, taking matcha in the mid-afternoon can give you the energy to get through to bedtime. That's as well as taking M-Caps in the morning, to counter the effects of sleep deprivation.
We didn't even mention the fact that M-Caps can improve your complexion and skin elasticity, so you can avoid those "you look tired" remarks from your loved ones.

Gamers and Ravers

Common advice is not to take matcha after 5pm incase it keeps you up, but if it's a Saturday night that might be exactly what you are after. Sleep is definitely the best source of energy, but M-Caps is the best natural alternative that won't wreak havoc on your body if you do need to stay awake and alert.

Coffee Drinkers

If you are looking to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume, M-Caps is an obvious solution. The amount of caffiene in M-Caps is less than 5% of what is in a standard coffee. It's the presense of all the other good stuff in matcha that interacts with the caffiene that makes it so energizing.

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